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Fan Fiction: A Magnificent Obsession!
Some of my favorite haunts!
Writers Links
Shayla Kersten, Founding & Charter Member
Hope to be a Member soon!!
National Novel Writing Month
A new obsession! 
Random Moments
My Live Journal for when you are really bored!
General Silliness!
Mei Mei's Jack Puzzle
Because I'd love to put his pieces together!
Stargate SG1 Links
Fan Awards Site
The best place on the web for Stargate information!
Gateworld Forum
In-depth Stargate discussion, spoilers and loads of fun!
Ruralstar's Gatefic
Fantastic fan fiction!
Jack and Sam Always
Music Videos and More by Marimba
JSDT's Sam and Jack Support
Tasha's Music Videos and More
Fanfiction Archive, includes separate sites for Family and Adult Fan Fiction for
Stargate SG1 and Atlantis
The Sam/Jack Fanfiction Awards
Fanfiction Awards Site
Siler's Wrench
Includes Stargate FanFic, Music Vids and more...


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